A platform focused on unity.

WhatUnitesUS draws attention to those beliefs we hold in common despite our many differences. From the moment our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence they were starkly divided on countless issues. They chose instead to focus upon those values that transcended politics.

We aim to do the same by highlighting beliefs that transcend party lines and giving you simple ways to take action on those beliefs.

What's coming

Making a difference together.

Soon we'll be rolling out new features and ways to get involved, exchange ideas, and brainstorm new solutions.

Simple Weekly Actions

One issue per month. One action per week: one local, one regional, one national, one personal.

Building Coalitions

Feel particularly moved by one of our highlighted issues? We'll connect you to a group already working to bring that issue to light.

Community Discussions

Network with members, debate the issues, brainstorm solutions. We're here for you!

Our Community

Be a part of the WhatUnitesUS community.

We are a motley bunch! We're made up of business leaders and artists, farmers and financial experts. We come from different age groups, genders, races, regions, and ways of pronouncing pecan pie. We're here for one main reason - to stake out common ground.


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Meet the organizers.

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